Shoe Repair

There must be a million shoemakers in New York City alone.
Why choose Modern for your shoe repair?

The answer is easy, because Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada, Bottega, Veneta, Balenciaga, Cole Haan, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin have all chosen Modern.

Modern's eye for detail and unmatchable customer service are just a few of the reasons. Modern's wide range of abilities is another.  There is not much they cannot do with a shoe. Of course, we can do the the basics like; new french and rubber heels, new lifts, new leather, and rubber soles, new lugg soles for your workboots and shoes, bottom taps to protect your soles, zipper replacement and zipper fixing on boots and shoes, stretching to attain that perfect fit. polishing, shining, and refinishing.

Here's what separates Modern,  We can recover a torn leather heel to look new, we can taper any pair of boots for that perfect fit. We can also repaint the bottom of Louboutin shoes to look like the day you bought them. We also reline shoes, provide leather heel counters.

We have done many pairs of shoes where your innocent pet has eaten your most expensive pair of shoes. In most cases, we can get them back to normal allowing your buddy to live another day. In most cases, shoe repairs can be done while you wait, or the same day.

Our mission is to provide you with a friendly atmosphere while receiving the best shoe repair services anywhere.  Sneakers and Uggs are another specialty of Modern Leather. We can make your designer sneakers look new again and of course perform any and all repairs needed. Don't trust those Jordans to just anybody. We are the experts in Uggs, we have been repairing and cleaning for years, stitching, patching, and redyeing just to mention a few.

Is your child in dance, need those shoes dyed for the recital, Modern is the experts. There are many shoe repair options but only one Modern Leather Goods!

Shoe Repair Services We Offer

  • Heel Replacement

  • Soles Replacement (Leather or Rubber)

  • Lug Soles

  • Tap Replacement

  • Sole Tip Replacement

  • Hardware

  • Stretching/Alterations

  • Straps

  • Zipper Repairs

  • Zipper Replacement

  • Dying

  • Refinishing

  • Polishing

  • Re-Glazing

Most shoe repairs can be returned to you within 1 to 2 days and that's only if we can't do it while you wait.. If not, we will be sure to contact you.

While you wait shoe shine & repair!

We now offer our same great while-you-wait service on almost every shoe repair! Call us when you're in a bind, we can fix you up or shine your shoes in no time!

bearded professional artisan washing brogues with a sponge, close up

Before & After Repairs

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