Handbag & Accessory Repair

Modern Leather Goods has been repairing handbags and accessories since 1944. Our mechanics are all old-world craftsmen with between 8 & 42 years of experience.  Every mechanic is versed in all types of repairs but specializes in 1 or 2. This means you are getting the highest quality repair from the most knowledgeable repair person possible.

We started way back in 1944 repairing for the finest department stores of the time such as Macy's,  Gimbels, B. Altman's, and Saks 5th Ave.  By 1960 the demand for repairs had grown tremendously and Modern opened their doors to the general public.

Modern has seen it all through the years, they have done new custom handles, new linings in bags and wallets new zippers, repair zippers new custom shoulder straps, new hardware including bag locks, strap hooks, rings, rivets custom made metal pieces re-plating on all metal, new binding on handbags and wallets, new piping on handbags and every type of stitching imaginable.  wallet and belt reconstruction including but not limited to new plastic windows, all stitching, new holes, shortening of belts.

For 76 years Modern has been providing its customers with top-quality repairs at a reasonable price and always offering the finest in customer service. Our repairs usually take a week to complete and that's if we cannot repair it for you while you wait.  Even though we take in hundreds of repairs every week other companies can't figure out how we are able to turn it around so quickly while still providing the best quality.  It's the way we run our lab and they can't figure it out.  At Modern we only do repairs, we do not sell anything. This way our full focus is on the quality of your repair and nothing else.

Modern has been recognized as the finest leather cleaner in NYC. We can do as simple as give your bag a simple cleaning and polishing and waterproofing to as difficult as re-dyeing your bag to the same or a different color. Compare our cleaning and refinishing prices to anyone and you will see we beat them all

Handbag and Accessory Repair Services We Offer

  • Relining

  • Stitching

  • Cleaning, Conditioning, and Stain Removal

  • Refinishing/Dying

  • Handle Repair

  • New Custom Handles

  • Hardware Repair

  • Re-Plating of Hardware

  • Zipper Repairs

  • Zipper Replacement

  • Piping and Trim

  • Belt Shortening/Extension

  • Wallet Reconstruction

  • Custom Items (Belts. Handbags, Wallets, etc.)

We will have your items back to you in 7-10 days! If we can't we will be sure to contact you..

Do you work with exotics?

Yes! We provide all of the services for items made of exotic reptiles and skins. We also offer re-glazing to make your exotics shine like they did when you first bought them!

stingray leather
Professional tailor, designer repairing fur coat at atelier, studio. Fashion and tailoring concept

Do you only repair leather items?

No. Even though LEATHER is in our name, we are not restricted to only working with leather goods. We can repair items of all materials including furs and exotics!

Before & After Repairs