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TODS is one of Italy's leading fashion brands run by CEO Diego Della Valle. D.V. as friends refer to him was born into relatively modest circumstances.  His grandfather Filippo was a shoemaker.  After World War 2 Della Valle's father Dorino followed by opening a small shoemaking factory. In the 1960's Della Valle's factory prospered manufacturing shoes for private labels including the department stores Saks 5th Ave and Bergdorf Goodman.
He soon started taking trips to New York carrying bags of samples to show buyers and marketers.  Soon he landed deals to make shoes for designers Calvin Klein, Geoffrey Beene, and more.  In 1984 the company was renamed J.P. Tods.  He denied the story that he picked the name out of a Boston phone book, but he did want something that sounded Anglo-American and that would be easy for people around the world to pronounce.
The J.P. was dropped in 1997What hasn't changed in all the years is Modern Leather Goods ability to repair and refurbish the Tods brand.  Simple repairs or major reconstructions on their shoes, handbags, or clothing are no problem.
Cleaning and refurbishing are also done on all Tods items