Versace® Repair Services

Versace is one of the leading international fashion design houses in the industry, and a symbol of Italian luxury world-wide. Founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy, Versace now designs, manufactures, and distributes retail fashion and lifestyle products to over 200 boutiques and 1500 wholesalers worldwide. Versace designs represent its heritage through its strong and fearless designs while addressing a new global audience which continues to strengthen Versace’s position in contemporary culture.

At Modern Leather Goods, our highly-skilled craftsmen are unmatched in the industry at repairing your Versace products. Modern Leather Goods is a premier Versace repair center, and our customers ship their Versace items to us from across the country because the quality of our work is incomparable.

Modern Leather Goods offers complete interior and exterior refurbishing for Versace handbags as well as many other luxury handbag brands. If your Versace bag is in need of anything from a minor repair to a major restoration, Modern Leather Goods will get the job done to your complete satisfaction. Do not wait, bring your Versace products into Modern Leather Goods today!